Cafe/Bar Design. Production 

The project was design to make the best use of a 15 Finsa Boards (2100 x 2850 mm) sponsorship, minimising resource consumption, built time and labour.

At the end of the first day, we were informed that the sponsorship will not arrive due to delivery complications. From a two day built time and one day contingency, we found ourselves left with 24h on site, a custom built, no sheet material and no available suppliers within the timeframe.

A painfully early wake up, a replacement material ordered and small hope that it can all come together. Once on site, a dreadful phone call. The wrong sheet size was loaded in the van and there will be further delays. 18 site hours left until the fair starts and the plain MDF arrives.

More challenges arose along the way, a marathon of creative decision making, more than 30,000 steps a day and probably too much coffee. Thanks to an amazing building team - Install Archive and great support from LDF the project was completed.

There are no glossy photographs - as I slept for 2 days and forgot to actually document the cafe - but I am left with an invaluable site experience and an understanding how important it is to be prepared to find creative solutions at crunch time.  

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