Harmonics in Space - Fred Buttler

Art technician, assembling the supersized origami structures.

Studio Jotta / Sebastian Kite - American Airlines 

Vinyl graphic production and installation of the red and blue film. 

Studio Jotta - Inmarsat 'Connected Air'

Researcher and spatial designer for the initial phase of the project.

Sidesshow Installation - BHW

Assisted Katie Fotis in creating the art direction of the first exhibition in the space. 

Royal Albert Haul - LFA community pavilion.

Architectural designer and production along Collective Works.

Matches Fashion - Christmas windows 

Paper artist and creative production for set designer Emma Rios.

Beefeater Gin Campaign

Paper artist and creative production for set designer Emma Rios.

Walthamstow Garden Party - A new Direction Summer School

Set design and production assistant for Katie Fotis and summer school crew. 

Patternity, 'Connected by Pattern' - Somerset House

Vinyl graphics production and installation along side Puck Studio.

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