2018, Walala Studio, ‘This and That ‘, Fui Gallery, China 

exhibition design, artwork, 3D modelling of space and sculptures 

2018, Walala Studio, ‘Salt of Palmar’ Hotel, Mauritius

interior design assistant, spatial design, 3D modelling

2018, Walala Studio, Wanted Design, Mural for Industry City, NY 

artwork production, mockups

2018, Fred Buttler ‘Harmonics in Space’, NOW Gallery, London

installation technician - assembling the supersized origami structures and vinyl graphics on entrance structure

2015, Studio Jotta / Sebastian Kite, ‘Above Beyond’, American Airlines, Sir John Soane's Crypt, London

vinyl graphic production, installation of the red and blue film

2016, Studio Jotta / Sebastian Kite, Inmarsat 'Connected Air', Singapore 

research, spatial design for the initial phase of the project.

2017, ‘Sideshow’, Black Horse Workshop , U+I Architects, Katie Fotis (art direction), London 

exhibition design, art direction assistant for the first exhibition 

2018 ‘Royal Albert Haul’, community pavilion for Festival of Architecture, Collective Works , Chris Daniel, London 

design, site production

2017, Emma Rios (art director), Matches Fashion Christmas windows display, London 

paper artist, creative production

2017, Emma Rios (art director), Beefeater, London

paper artist, creative production

2018, ‘Body Booth‘, Walthamstow Garden Party A new Direction Summer School, Katie Fotis (art direction), London 

set design, creative production assistant 

2015, Patternity, 'Connected by Pattern', Somerset House, London

vinyl graphics production and installation along side Puck Studio

2018, ‘Paternity for Yoo’, 100% Design, Katie Fotis (art direction)  London 

artwork, creative production

2018, ‘Blue Banks – Feminine identities in the rural area’, Andreea Bortun, Brindusa Ioana-Nastasa, multimedia exhibition, Bucharest 

graphic content

2017, ‘By the River’, Hsiao-Chi Tsai & Kimiya Yoshikawa, NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula, London

vinyl graphics production and installation along side Puck Studio.

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